A Guide Hotels in Almaty Kazakhstan

Almaty is that the former capital of Asian nation, and remains its largest town. Being a money and cultural center of Central Asia, city boasts moderately-sized holidaymaker and expatriate communities.

On a transparent day you’ll be able to see the superbly rugged, snow-capped mountains, right at the city’s threshold to the south. The city, in general, slopes from south to north that makes navigating the streets straightforward. If you’re traveling uphill, you are going south. there’s conjointly a little mountain chain bordering the town to the east.

Here’s a little list of a few hotels in Almaty Kazakhstan.

o          Ramada Almaty

o          Golden Mir Hotel & Spa

o          Inter Continental Almaty Hotel

o          Salut Hotel

o          Uyut Hotel

o          Golden Palace Hotel

o          Grand Aiser Hotel

Almaty like most other major cities around the world has a range of chain hotels one of the most famous of them is hotel ritz carlton Almaty. This luxury 5-star edifice is found on the foot of Alatau Mountains in Alma-Ata and options a spa centre, an internalpool and a fitness centre. Free Wi-Fi is provided at The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty.

The spacious, cool rooms area unit adorned in heat colors. Every elegant area includes a flat-screen TV and a marble rest room with a rain.

The on-the-spot Laurent Tourondel edifice boasts its open room and meat specialties. Guests can even get pleasure from a drink at the Sky Lobby and Lounge. many different eating choices are accessible.

The hotel’s recreation Associate in Nursingd relaxation facilities embrace a sumptuous Six Senses Spa, that includesfour non-public rooms, together with special salt and oriental treatment rooms, dedicated relaxation areas, saunas, steam rooms Associate in Nursingd an oriental hammam.

Almaty city center could be a 10-minute drive from The Ritz-Carlton, Almaty. Shymbulak resort could be a 30-minute turn back, and Alma-Ata International airfield is fifteen metric linear units from the edifice.

This property additionally has one in every of the top-rated locations in Almaty! Guests area unit happier concerning it compared to different properties within the space.

My travel agencies offer Almaty packages from India and one can easily book on one on any online site. One can enjoy the beauty of the city and have a relaxing vacation in the wonderful city of Almaty.

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Top 3 Must Haves in Resorts in Almaty

Almaty holiday packages from India are gaining popularity as these are not only affordable but also luxurious at the same time. It is not only the place but also the accommodation that attracts tourists. Here are the top 3 must haves in resorts in Almaty.

Intercontinental hotel Almaty reception greets by name

Good to call guests as mam and sir but who would not prefer being called by names as a matter of respect and value. Good resorts know that calling guests by their names in the most respectful and valued manner is one thing that can fetch them an applause. Addressing the guest appropriately as well discreetly by their names is a must have luxury in a hotel. Here we intend to say, addressing the guest by name in private and not broadcasting their names in public as this can prove offensive.

Pro- active services

True those guests like the pro-active staff as well as the proactive services but in n case should these be mixed with the so called presumptive service. Good resort staffs intend to give a command to the guest by being proactive but by presumptive, a tinge of dictatorship begins to take a toll which is loathsome. By asking the guest few simple question in an engaging way with respect to the aspects like their choice and preference pattern can help improve guest experience and good hotels know how to provide guests this luxury.

Refined ambience

The ambience of the good resorts is definitely refined. The generous touch at the hotel room tend to give a comforting feeling to the guests. This also makes the hotels look a little different for the others of the same type. A refined choice with reference to the room amenities as well as in-room features can grab your hotel a permanent place in the heart of the guests and good hotels know this well.

Wrapping up, these are the top 3 must haves in resorts in Almaty. All the good hotels out there must also make it a point to inculcate these features so as to be the best.

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Top 3 Must Haves in Hotels in Almaty

Almaty tour package is the best international travel from India that one can currently take. All the credit goes to the perfect scenery that the place offers in addition to the perfect accommodation. Even an average hotel in Almaty Kazakhstan is going to offer you services that meet a particular standard. Here are the top 3 must haves in hotels in Almaty.

Boss strolls around in intercontinental Almaty

A hotel needs a manager with great skills present within the premises and not restricted to the four walls of an office area. There is no point having a manager who is sequestered within the office room. There is a point if the manager is readily available and on rounds around the hotel. Guests should be able to physically see the manager and address him in case of any issue.

Staff that keeps you engaged

Manager sets goals but there must be a team to listen and follow him. A good hotel hires a team that is not only well trained and qualified but also intelligent emotionally. Be it the management team or the front-line staffers, all have the above listed qualities in addition to the qualities of being able to sense the needs of their guest and be a little empathetic.

Personalized check ins and check outs

Good hotels are the ones that do not only pay attention towards collecting the bills but also providing the smooth entry as well as the exit. The check-in in a good hotel are personalized that implies these are quick, friendly as well as thorough. The moment guests make an entry to the hotel they encounter firstly the valet, then the doorman, and later a bellman. This particular staff welcomes guest not only with words but also with the polite body language. Same is the case while you check out.

Wrapping up, these are the top 3 must haves in hotels in Almaty. Be it the top hotel or the average one, it is a sure shot fact that you will be able to see each type of hotel meet up the standards that are a must for pleasurable stay.

Source : https://almatyhotels.quora.com/Top-3-Must-Haves-in-Hotels-in-Almaty

Top 3 Must Haves in 5 star Almaty Hotels

Almaty tour package from India is going to be the best that you will be availing owing to a plethora of things that the place has in store to offer to you. The most adorable part of the visiting the place is the stay at Almaty hotels 5 star. Here are the top 3 must haves in 5 star Almaty hotels.

Kazakhstan hotel Almaty connects with the guests

It is important to connect to the guests both mentally and physically the moment they appear at the hotel. Manager himself must be present to greet the guest as a matter of honour. There must be an essence of physical connection between the manager and the hotel operations. He is the one to set the goals for others at the premises and this need is well catered to only by the good hotels.

Engaging staff

The polite staff with smiling face right at the doorstep is the best thing that the hotel can offer to the guest. This brings in an atmosphere of cheerfulness within the place that people choose to stay at after paying loads of money. No body for that instance pays bill to see the long dropped jaws. Money holds value when people find they have paid for services that are being provided with kindness and graciousness.

Hospitable greeting by reception staff

Guests visit your place because they want to have that special feeling. It is for this special feeling that they pay loads of money too. Thus, it is the duty of the staff to make them feel important as well as valued. Only a good hotel pays heed to such needs of the guest. Eye contact and the efficient clerk at the front desk who offers a personal tinge offering hospitable greeting and engages the guest in a happy welcome is must have in a luxury hotel.

Wrapping up, these are the top 3 must haves in 5 star Almaty hotels. Be it at any corner of the place, a town or a city or at a suburb, these features you will be able to notice at each and every hotel.

Source : https://almatyhotels.tumblr.com/post/172993206461/top-3-must-haves-in-5-star-almaty-hotels

Top 3 Most Important Features of 5 Star Hotels

Almaty tour package is considered too be the best only if it makes provision of your stay in the best hotel. The most preferred hotels are the ones that possess the 5 stars. Here are the Top 3 Most important Features of 5 Star Hotels.

Attitude of staff at hotel ritz carlton Almaty

Staff that is recruited in these hotels are highly well spoken in addition to being polite as well as clear. Almaty hotels 5 star make it a point to avoid the slang and use of phrase-fragments. They never put their hands in pockets or keep them folded in front. They are trained to get into use the surname of the guest at all the possible places. The staff is well informed about all the requirements within the respective department that they have. They are well trained to provide an overall flawless service, be it the reservation call or the departure. As a guest, you will also enjoy the company of an escort to your room, in case you do not deny the same. The staff handle all the work with complete professionalism.

Amenities available

These hotels offer you the complimentary newspapers on daily basis. Also, you get the welcome gift or some sort of amenity when you make the arrival. The room service is available 24 hours. These services include hot food and based on the seasonal fluctuation you get the opportunity to enjoy a noteworthy as well as a thoughtful presentation accompanied by a speciality.

Appreciable bar menu

There are two types of high quality snacks offered without you having to give the order. These are served and peculiarly presented while you are provided bar and the lounge service.  You get to enjoy all the drinks accompanied by the modified club service.

All in all, these are the top 3 Most important Features of 5 Star Hotels. In case you are unable to find any of these then you have mistakenly landed up in a hotel that is not a 5 star but a 5 diamond or a luxury hotel.

Source : https://almatyhotels.jimdo.com/2018/03/19/top-3-most-important-features-of-5-star-hotels/

Top 5 Must Visit Places in Almaty

Almaty is a mountainous town in Kazakhstan. It is central hub of culture and trade transaction. Almaty is covered by snow capped Alatau Mountains in the south. The metropolitan city is located in the middle of central Asia and exhibits perfect blend of eastern and western culture It is stacked between Europe and Asian continent and is heaven for skiing and snowboarding lovers.

There are multiple online travel agency offering Almaty tour packages from India. Comfortable stay is ensured by plenty of Kazakhstan Hotel Almaty ranging from simple budget friendly hotels to 5 Star hotels to various resorts. Intercontinental hotel Almaty is one of the famous luxurious 5star hotels of the city. There are various activities visitors can indulge in during their stay at Almaty; some of them are as follows:

  • Skiing and snowboarding

Almaty is famous for its snow capped Trans-lli Alatau Mountains, Shymbulak most famous alpine ski resort located at the height of 2500 meters above sea level and at the distance of just 16 miles from Almaty. it is like a heaven for Skiing and snowboarding lovers.

  • Arasan Baths

On cold winter day nothing seems to be as good as luxury spa to stretch your muscles and relax. It provides an experience of soothing massage at affordable prices. It is one of the kind of experience which every visitor coming to Almaty must experience.

  • IIe-Alatau National Park

Ile Alatau National park is the national Park of the Kazakhstan spread over 200-thousand-hectare area. The park has rich flora and fauna with different varieties of Apples, Apricots etc. and is home to 300 species of animals and birds like snow leopards, mountain goat, golden eagle, bluebird of happiness etc.

  • Central Park

Central Park also known as Gorky Park is very popular park in Almaty, it is kind for recreational park with lot of activities going around. It covers an area around 100 hectares.

  • Fantasy World, Almaty

Fantasy World Almaty is popular tourist destination among tourists having variety of rides for persons of all age groups. It is perfect to spend some fulfilled leisure time with the family.

Source : http://almatypackage.wikidot.com/top-5-must-visit-places-in-almaty

Most Popular 4 Star Hotels in Almaty

Almaty is beautiful city surrounded by snow capped Trans-lli Alatau mountains in the south with presence of every possible ultra modern facility like best restaurant, bars, lounges night clubs and casinos makes it hotspot for visitors who want to enjoy perfect blend of cultures. Almaty is like heaven for visitors who are particularly interested in outdoor activities like skiing or snowboarding or just simply exploring a countryside location. There are plenty of Almaty tour packages provided by different Online Travel agency as per the needs and requirements of the traveler.

Along with Hotels, there are many resorts in Almaty too, that offers very close proximity to skiing lifts particularly perfect choice for visitors who want to enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding.

There are various hotels in Almaty too ranging from affordable hotels to 5 Star/4 star Hotels in Almaty Following is the list of 4 star hotels in Almaty:

  • Ramada Almaty

Located in the heart of the city Ramada Almaty is the ideal place to stay during your visit to Almaty situated at the distance of 16 km from the Almaty International airport. Ramada Almaty provides a very comfortable and luxurious stay to its visitors offering a panoramic view of city life of Almaty.

  • Hotel Kazzhol Almaty

Hotel Kazzhol is located in the largest city of Khazakhstan situated at a 25-minute drive from Almaty Airport provides a pleasant stay to its visitors.

  • Holiday Inn Almaty

Hotel Holiday inn Almaty is 22 km away from Shymbulak Ski Resort and just 12-minute walking distance from Landmark Public square offers beautiful city as well as mountain views.

  • Renion Park Hotel Almaty

Renion Park Hotel Almaty is situated in the heart of the city in the city centre. It also offers health facilities like steam rooms and fitness centre. It also offers modern restaurant facilities and disco pub.

  • Grand Tien Shan hotel

Grand Tien Shan Hotel is super luxury hotel having most approachable location, a short walk from Almaly metro station and 20-minute drive from Almaty International Airport. It offers stylish restaurants offering various cuisines, indoor pool and spa centre for fitness enthusiast.

Source : http://almatypackage.soup.io/post/645285164/Most-Popular-4-Star-Hotels-in-Almaty