Top 5 Must Visit Places in Almaty

Almaty is a mountainous town in Kazakhstan. It is central hub of culture and trade transaction. Almaty is covered by snow capped Alatau Mountains in the south. The metropolitan city is located in the middle of central Asia and exhibits perfect blend of eastern and western culture It is stacked between Europe and Asian continent and is heaven for skiing and snowboarding lovers.

There are multiple online travel agency offering Almaty tour packages from India. Comfortable stay is ensured by plenty of Kazakhstan Hotel Almaty ranging from simple budget friendly hotels to 5 Star hotels to various resorts. Intercontinental hotel Almaty is one of the famous luxurious 5star hotels of the city. There are various activities visitors can indulge in during their stay at Almaty; some of them are as follows:

  • Skiing and snowboarding

Almaty is famous for its snow capped Trans-lli Alatau Mountains, Shymbulak most famous alpine ski resort located at the height of 2500 meters above sea level and at the distance of just 16 miles from Almaty. it is like a heaven for Skiing and snowboarding lovers.

  • Arasan Baths

On cold winter day nothing seems to be as good as luxury spa to stretch your muscles and relax. It provides an experience of soothing massage at affordable prices. It is one of the kind of experience which every visitor coming to Almaty must experience.

  • IIe-Alatau National Park

Ile Alatau National park is the national Park of the Kazakhstan spread over 200-thousand-hectare area. The park has rich flora and fauna with different varieties of Apples, Apricots etc. and is home to 300 species of animals and birds like snow leopards, mountain goat, golden eagle, bluebird of happiness etc.

  • Central Park

Central Park also known as Gorky Park is very popular park in Almaty, it is kind for recreational park with lot of activities going around. It covers an area around 100 hectares.

  • Fantasy World, Almaty

Fantasy World Almaty is popular tourist destination among tourists having variety of rides for persons of all age groups. It is perfect to spend some fulfilled leisure time with the family.

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Most Popular 4 Star Hotels in Almaty

Almaty is beautiful city surrounded by snow capped Trans-lli Alatau mountains in the south with presence of every possible ultra modern facility like best restaurant, bars, lounges night clubs and casinos makes it hotspot for visitors who want to enjoy perfect blend of cultures. Almaty is like heaven for visitors who are particularly interested in outdoor activities like skiing or snowboarding or just simply exploring a countryside location. There are plenty of Almaty tour packages provided by different Online Travel agency as per the needs and requirements of the traveler.

Along with Hotels, there are many resorts in Almaty too, that offers very close proximity to skiing lifts particularly perfect choice for visitors who want to enjoy Skiing and Snowboarding.

There are various hotels in Almaty too ranging from affordable hotels to 5 Star/4 star Hotels in Almaty Following is the list of 4 star hotels in Almaty:

  • Ramada Almaty

Located in the heart of the city Ramada Almaty is the ideal place to stay during your visit to Almaty situated at the distance of 16 km from the Almaty International airport. Ramada Almaty provides a very comfortable and luxurious stay to its visitors offering a panoramic view of city life of Almaty.

  • Hotel Kazzhol Almaty

Hotel Kazzhol is located in the largest city of Khazakhstan situated at a 25-minute drive from Almaty Airport provides a pleasant stay to its visitors.

  • Holiday Inn Almaty

Hotel Holiday inn Almaty is 22 km away from Shymbulak Ski Resort and just 12-minute walking distance from Landmark Public square offers beautiful city as well as mountain views.

  • Renion Park Hotel Almaty

Renion Park Hotel Almaty is situated in the heart of the city in the city centre. It also offers health facilities like steam rooms and fitness centre. It also offers modern restaurant facilities and disco pub.

  • Grand Tien Shan hotel

Grand Tien Shan Hotel is super luxury hotel having most approachable location, a short walk from Almaly metro station and 20-minute drive from Almaty International Airport. It offers stylish restaurants offering various cuisines, indoor pool and spa centre for fitness enthusiast.

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List of Affordable Stays in Almaty

Almaty is one of the prosperous cities of Khazakhstan, with rich cultural heritage and modern facilities. Almaty is also popular because of its location it is in the centre of the Europe and Asian continent, southeastern part of Khazakhstan. It is perfect blend of eastern and western culture due to the fact that it serves as the meeting point of east and the west. Almaty has something to offer for everyone there is variety of Almaty packages available for tourists on various online travel agencies which can also be altered depending on the personalized needs of the visitors. InterContinental Almaty is one of the very popular 5 star hotels in Almaty.

Apart from presence of 5 star hotels like Hotel Ritz Carlton Almaty there is various other affordable & budget friendly stay in Almaty. Following is the list of affordable stays of Almaty:

  • D’Rami Almaty

D’Rami hotel provides an affordable stay to visitors in Almaty with its central location in the city tourists can explore a lot of things around it. Visitors are provided with free high speed internet and airport transportation which makes it easily accessible and lessens the worries of the first time visitors of Almaty.

  • Iris Hotel Almaty

Iris Hotel Almaty provides a comfortable and affordable stay to its visitors, situated in the heart of the city, Almaty’s city centre and just 5-minute walk from City Hall and Republic Square. Each room is decorated in classic style and provides modern facilities to its visitors.

  • Premier Alatau Hotel Almaty

Premier Alatau Hotel Almaty is just at the distance of 1km from downtown. It is and old heritage property that adds to its cultural heritage and had been rebuilt again in 2004. It provides wide range of services to its visitors.

  • Royal Petrol Hotel Almaty

Royal Petrol Almaty is situated near the city centre of Almaty which makes it easily accessible and its central location also adds to its popularity. It provides its visitors with spacious rooms and range of services like free internet access, minimart etc.

  • Shymbulak Resort Hotel

Shymbulak Resort Hotel is perfect choice for visitors who want to enjoy skiing and snowboarding because of its location as it is just a few minute walk from ski lifts.

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Top Almaty Hotel 5 Star With Mountain View of Alatua

Almaty is a beautiful mountainous city with snowcapped Zailiysky Ala-Tau in Kazakhstan of central Asia. It is one of the largest metropolitan city of Kazakhstan which is trading and cultural hub also. Interestingly, Almaty is also in the 50 most expensive cities of the world. With modern development Almaty has perfect urban blend of lifestyle with suburban apartments, luxurious Almaty Hotels shopping malls and dance clubs it has become hotspot for tourist who wants to enjoy life to the fullest. There are plenty of travel online websites offering Almaty package from Delhi as per your personalized budget requirements. Almaty is a perfect gateway to adventure loving tourists who loves sports like hiking and skiing.

Considering your comfortable and luxurious stay you can choose from the following Almaty Hotel 5 star which will for sure something you will cherish forever.

  • The Ritz- Carlton, Almaty

The Ritz –Carlton, Almaty is an ultra-luxurious Hotel in the Esentai tower has suites with modern facilities with splendid view of snow capped Alatau Mountains. This Hotel is easily approachable and is situated just at the distance of 4km from the botanical garden and just 7km from Abay Opera house.

  • Intercontinental, Almaty

Intercontinental Almaty is a popular hotel among tourists due to its location because it is city centric and easily approachable. It offers stunning Mountain View from its elegant rooms and suites.

  • Rixos Almaty Hotel

Rixos Almaty is a grand hotel which provides a unique experience to its visitors situated in the heart of the city it is just 14-minute walk from Almaty metro station.

  • Rahat Palace Hotel

Rahat Palace Hotel is an upscale hotel in Almaty with distinctive and conservative rooms it offers a unique experience to its visitors and it is situated just at a 9minuate walk from central stadium and 200 meters from the Auezov Theater metro station.

  • Hotel Royal Tulip

Hotel Royal Tulip is situated at a southern part of the Almaty, with view of the Trans-lli Alatau mountains is a minute drive from the Medeo, a high altitude ice skating ring and 30-minute drive from the Chimbulak Ski Resort.

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Facilities the Best Hotels in Almaty

The Almaty tour package from India is sure to take you to places that you have never seen before.  Be it the food at the Intercontinental hotel Almaty or the rooms at the luxury hotel, you will enjoy every bit of it. There is a lot that has to be explored in the name of the tourist attractions at this place. In this article, we will focus on the Facilities in best hotels in Almaty. These are as follows:

New dining concepts at Kazakhstan hotel Almaty

The efforts are being made to improve the quality of the food and make new innovations in the idea of dinning. These new dining concepts are not only authentic but also refreshing at the same time. The hotels here are already popular for the exceptional dining themes in addition to the famous cuisines that are served here. The food here is a delight to person of any taste pattern.

Rooms are perfectly organized

The rooms in the hotels are the most exclusive ones and value all the residential addresses. Here you will get the exceptional characteristics that are perfectly blend with the practical conveniences. All the guest services here are not only approachable but also professional at the same time. These hotels have set a benchmark as per the quality of the room is to be provided. They are known to provide you with the best and the most desirable ambience.

Continuous improvement

Though these are the hotels that are already well built and well equipped yet these make it a point that they constantly develop with the changing world. All the technologies are perfectly used by these hotels to provide you the latest comforts.

All in all, these are the Facilities in best hotels in Almaty. You will never regret your stay at any of the hotels that are there in the city. These are perfectly located and very accessible from and to many of the tourist attractions. The services and the staff, every bit of it is going to be appreciated by you if you have the pleasure to stay at these places.

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Characteristics of 4 Star Hotels in Almaty

Booking an Almaty tour package will give you a key to avail the stay at the best and quality hotels. Be it the resorts in Almaty or any of the other hotels, one thing that remains common is the urge to become better. Here, however we will focus on the characteristics of 4 star hotels in Almaty.

Quality rooms and best ambience

4 star hotels in Almaty ideally offer you the upscale furnishings in addition to the luxury bedding plus other required amenities. These amenities include the hair dryers plus high-end bath products in addition to a flat-screen television. Also, you get the best electronic devices as well as the high-quality towels that are fresh and clean. When we talk about the size of the room, it is subject to varying depending on the location. There is always an urge in these hotels to improve them and provide better services.

Quality and wide range of services

Apart from offering you the knowledgeable concierge, the 4 star hotels here offer you a bell desk plus a valet parking. These are the characteristics that differentiate these hotels from the others. The concierge at these level properties is subject to providing you the information and the help along with planning by facilitating the reservations. Front-desk services are also good but average though all your requirement gets fulfilled.

Diverse food availability both fast food and traditional

Finding food at these hotels is very easy. These hotels have for you a sit-down dining restaurant in addition to a lounge as well as the room service with the extended hours also available. In addition to this, the on-site restaurant offers you the fine dining besides the lighter fare that is available in the lounge. Not all but many of these also have the coffee carts or the snack kiosks in their lobby area.

All in all, these are the characteristics of 4 star hotels in Almaty. You will surely be able to enjoy your stay here. There will arise no situation where you will have to compromise on any of the aspect.

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Characteristics of Luxury Hotels Almaty

Booking an Almaty package can give you an access to exploring the best hotels of the place without having to pay much. The luxury hotels as signified by the Intercontinental Almaty are the ones that give you an access to attain the happiness of having a stay at the hotel like ever before.  Here are the characteristics of luxury hotels Almaty.

Quality of hotel Ritz Carlton Almaty

The level of quality that each and every aspect in these hotels have is very good. Be it the products or the services, everything is so planned that in all that in all the situations you get only the best.  The aesthetics as well as the materials inclusive of the ingredients plus functionality all are up to the mark. There is no need to compromise with the comfort at any level. The aspects related to the craftsmanship as well as the technology are so blend that the result is the qualitative outcome which is not only best but also very unique to the brands at Almaty.

The luxury hospitality

The hotels that associate with the luxury hospitality brands are quite similar to the luxury retail brands. It is made a point that all the required things as well as the essentials are duly met and provided at these hotels. Apart from this, they make it a point to provide you the best services and products that are subject to improvement that is continuous. Actions like the refinement and innovation is considered necessary to attain excellence in terms of the quality attainment. There is no compromise make when it comes to providing you the quality.

A scope of improvement

Part from the products and services that are subject to improvement and made to be the best, one another thing that is kept in mind is the location of the hotel as well as the resort group. In addition to this, these have the superb architecture plus interiors that have a distinctive approach to hotel and guest services.

All in all, these are the characteristics of luxury hotels Almaty. Be it any of the hotel belonging to any brand, if it is luxury then it ought to have all these characteristics.

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