Perks of Residing at Intercontinental Almaty

The level of comfort is one of the most important things when it comes to travelling and residing at diverse types of accommodations. The best Almaty package will not only facilitate the ease and convenience at travelling but at the same time ensure that you have the perfect stay. Having a stay at hotel Ritz Carlton Almaty is one thing that you should not give a miss at any cost. Here you will receive the perks of residing at intercontinental Almaty.


One of the best aspects of these hotels, is the location. All the hotels are centrally located having an easy access to all the places of interest as well as need. Besides these are located amid the nature letting you experience the pleasure of being close to the nature that further soothes the tired soul of yours. You will love the views of the mountains, a complete scenic beauty that you cannot afford to skip viewing at any cost.

Various facilities

The hotels have several facilities to offer to you. Besides providing you the free Wi-Fi access, the hotels also lets you enjoy the indoor pool which is available throughout the year unlike the outdoor pool which is a seasonal blessing. Beside this you can also enjoy the on-site restaurant. The entertainment facilities are inclusive of the flat-screen TV along with diverse and best cable channels in addition to the CD player.

Diverse cuisine

One of the best features of these hotels is the cuisine that they have to offer. In no case does these hotels restrict you to the traditional food that they have to offer and is awesome in quality. They provide you a good quantity and variety of fast foods too, in case you fail to adapt your diet plan to the traditional items. They hotel authorities also offer the European, Local as well as the Middle Eastern cuisine.

All in all, these are the perks of residing at intercontinental Almaty. In case you are planning to pay a visit then go in for this stay and feel the experience of being close to nature.

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